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Compare your impact on the environment depending on the selected window and the inhabited area.

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High energy-efficient window products are an essential element of quality homes. These products will save money on your heating and cooling costs while keeping your home consistently comfortable.


Energy Star®
and climate zones

A simple way for consumers, designers or architects to find premium energy efficiency fenestration products, is to identify products displaying the ENERGY STAR® symbol. Determine the zone where you home is located or a colder region to save even more on your energy costs.

Energy Star

For more information on ENERGY STAR®, visit the Government of Canada website

and ecological footprint

Energy efficiency standards and programs will continue to impose products with high energy performance upgrades and will also consider the carbon footprints.

Our energy saving calculator has been developed from a heating and cooling calculator software created for residential buildings. It also relies on U.S. and Canadian certified energy efficiency data.

Calculate your energy saving

and Eco-Window

Common ENERGY STAR® windows only have a R-Value of 3. Increasing the R-value from 3 to 5 reduces average heat loss through the windows by 40% and saves consumer money on energy bills.

The Atlantic Windows product line will let you achieve these high levels of energy efficiency (from R3 to R5).

Choose the Atlantic Windows product that will best suit your expectations.